Friday, June 18, 2010

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses - new for 2010!

Bari Jay has gorgeous bridesmaid dresses taking us all the way from spring into fall. Flowing chiffon, and sassy satin, there is a dress for ever style of bridesmaid! They are one of our most affordable bridesmaid dress lines, with an everyday discount of 20%!! Plus, these dresses work perfectly for prom, homecoming, or any special occasion. Order early to get yours in time for your event!


  1. Gorgeous dresses! My bridesmaids wore Bari Jay dresses and absolutely loved them!

  2. What I like about these dresses is that they don't look like "27" BAD dresses - while simple, the designs are such that I can wear them for other formal occasions and no one will say "when were you a bridesmaid?"

  3. Love these! Really unique dresses.