Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Why is my dress a different color from what I saw on your site?

Q:  Why is my dress a different color from what I saw on your site?

A common statement you may see on sites around the internet: "Colors may vary from what you see on the screen." (or something similar), is also true for Each person's computer monitor is calibrated differently. As a result, colors look different to different people. And while this doesn't happen too often to the degree of difference that it really matters, it does happen sometimes. About the only colors that don't have much trouble are black and white. And a red dress isn't going to show up as green or blue - that is not the kind of varying that is meant. But a red dress might show up as darker or lighter, or a slightly different shade, than it is when you get it.

For example, what looks like this on your computer screen:

Could in reality look like this when you get it:

Really, not a lot of difference, but what you thought was turquoise, turned out to be more of a teal to you. Hopefully that slight color change does not matter too much - it's still a beautiful dress!

When we see a dress here at TJ Formal, and realize the photo of it is not quite accurate, we make color adjustments to the photo to match it as closely as possible. However, that is a match on the computer screen where we did the adjustments. It won't be a match on every single computer screen.

If a manufacturer calls a color something that we think might be a little different when we see it in person, we will note it on the dress product, such as here: Sherri Hill 2010 Prom Dress 7201 Turquoise However, this rarely happens.

Most of the time, turquoise is turquoise and teal is teal and fuchsia is fuchsia, etc, etc. But if you are worried about the color, you can always call - 877-769-1336, email, or initiate a live chat with us and we'll help you out as best as we can to describe the color as we know it.


  1. Thanks for the advice. I am ordering dresses for my wedding and have been worried about getting the color right.

  2. I love that TJ Formal offers to send swatches for free for most of their bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses!

  3. Good to know, thanks!