Friday, June 4, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Why is a dress on your site if it's not ready to ship?

Q: Why is a dress on your site if it's not ready to ship?

We are the largest online retailer for formal wear with over 8300 dress products on our site, with another couple of thousand other products such as shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Each product can represent dozens, if not thousands of items because of multiple sizes, colors, lengths, etc. For example, TJ Formal Exclusive 2010 Prom Dress 15066 has several sizes in stock in a couple of colors in our store. However, it has 9 sizes and 3 colors available and to carry even ONE dress in each combination means we would need to carry 27 dresses just for this one style. Some styles have over 20 sizes and 70 colors available! So you can see how it is just not possible to stock every single item in our store.

We do have thousands of dresses in stock, but we also rely on our manufacturers to stock their own dresses. If a dress isn't in stock in our store, then we call the manufacturer to see if they have it in stock or have it in production. But sizes and colors do eventually sell out, even with the manufacturer. We try to keep our products updated, but again, with over 10,000 products on our site, it is very difficult, since stock quantities are constantly changing.

We certainly do apologize when we can't get your dress for you in time for your wear date. Believe us, we WANT to sell you a dress! And while you may order a dress on our site, and then find out it's sold out in your size and color and isn't going to be in stock again in time for your wear date, we still need to keep that product up on our site because it's still available in other sizes and colors.

Our advice is to order your dress as early as you can for your event. Not only will that give you first chance at most dresses before they sell out, but if a dress is still in production, you would have time to wait for it. Also, please check availability before placing your order! You can email, use live chat, or call us toll free 1-877-769-1336!

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