Wednesday, June 23, 2010

60 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Green Wedding

"Going green" is all the rage nowdays. Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment. Check out these tips to guide your wedding into a more "green" event!

• Choose a diamond mined in a peaceful country such as Australia or Canada.
• Ask your jeweler about a "conflict-free" diamond.
• Consider wearing a synthetic diamond.
• Vintage diamonds that are a family keepsake or purchased from an antique store can be worn in the original mounting or reset in a new mounting made from old gold melted down.

Wedding Attire:
• If wearing a new wedding gown is your choice, consider donating it to a charitable organization for sale or auction.
• Choose a dress that you can wear for other events.
• Ask your bridesmaids to donate their gowns if they don't plan to wear them again to a prom dress program for prom girls who are unable to purchase a gown on their own.
• Check with family members or stores for antique accessories such as jewelry or handbags.

• Use recycled or handmade papers that contain no chlorine.
• Invitations can be printed with vegetable or soy-based ink.
• Organic cotton, hemp, banana stalks or bamboo can be used.
• Choose a printer who uses high percentage recycled paper.
• Save paper by using postcards instead of invitations or save-the-date.
• Use websites or blogs to communicate parties, showers, gift registry and rehearsal dinners.

• Save paper and chemicals for developing by asking the photographer to use digital camera for proofs and photos.
• Ask guests to share their digital photos online.
• Set up a Picasa, Shutterfly, Flickr or similar online website for your wedding photos.
• Post your photos on your Facebook so family and friends can see them.

• Select a local florist who uses locally grown, in-season flowers.
• Make your own bouquets or flower arrangement from fresh garden flowers.
• Have your bridesmaids carry silk flowers or a small decorative handbag.
• Use the ceremony flowers at the reception as well.
• Flowers girls can drop organic rose petals carried in natural baskets.
• After the wedding, take the flowers to a hospital or nursing home.

• Ask guests to make donations to your favorite charity.
• Register at websites who will donate a portion of sales to charity.
• Choose to register at stores that sell products that are local, fair-trade, handmade, organic.
• Ask for gift certificates, organic items for your home, subscriptions to green newsletters or magazines or organic gardening plants and supplies.
• Register for a green honeymoon.

• Have the ceremony outdoors to save on decorations.
• Choose a local setting close to where most guests live to limit travel.
• Have the reception in the same location as the wedding ceremony.
• Create a wedding to compliment your beliefs by having your ceremony/reception in a vineyard, green hotel, garden or organic restaurant.
• Ride in a horse-drawn carriage to your ceremony or reception.

• Choose your menu with locally grown, organic and seasonal foods in mind.
• Drinks can include organic wine or beer and free-trade coffee and tea.
• Ask your caterer about vegetarian foods and cruelty-free meats and wild fish.
• Decorate your cake with fresh local flowers or a family heirloom cake topper.
• Use real dishes, glassware and linens instead of paper goods.
• Donate leftovers to a homeless shelter or battered women's shelter.

• Give something organic such as small trees, bulbs, packets of seeds, plants or seedlings.
• Select items from local health food stores such as organic chocolate, natural soaps, dried organic herbs, tea or coffee in reusable cloth bags or glass containers.
• Bottles of organic wine.
• Anything made of recycled materials such as paper or glass.
• Place cards can be made of dried leaves, seed packets, old postcards, small pieces of recycled metal or antique store finds.

• Select soy or beeswax candles.
• For containers use twig baskets, recycled metal, recycled glass or bamboo.
• Fill containers with apples, oranges, sea shells, pretty rocks and candles.
• Decorate with branches, live plants, berries, grains such as wheat, dried grasses and flowers.
• Scour antique shops for old objects, dishes or bowls that can be used as centerpieces or other decorations.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:
• Go on a camping, fishing trip, hike or bikeride.
• Enjoy the water with boating, surfing, sailing or kayaking.
• Travel by train or take other public transportation.
• Have an organic wine-tasting party.
• Treat your attendants to organic spa treatments.
• Have your party locally to reduce travel stress before the wedding.

• Take a train trip.
• At your destination use the public transportation, rent bikes or walk.
• Go camping, stay in bed and breakfasts, inns, lodges or green hotels.
• Pick a local destination.
• Choose ecotourism.

Every aspect of your wedding and honeymoon doesn't have to be "green" to have an impact. Choose the items that are most important to you and not only will you have a beautiful wedding, you'll feel good about it too!


  1. This is fantastic! Really gives me some great ideas... and some really simple ones that I could definitely do! Thanks!

  2. Some of these are so easy to do and this really fits in with my lifestyle. I hope more people get on board with green weddings!