Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching your back!

Wedding gowns are chosen for how they look from the front, right? And of course, that is most important - it's what people see as you walk down the aisle and it's what is seen in 99% of the photos.

However, consider the back of the gown. When you are at the altar, reciting your wedding vows, the back is very visible. It's why brides choose so many gowns with trains. But the back can be just as beautiful as the front!

TJ Formals has a 10 foot mirror in the bridal section of the store. Brides can stand up on the runway and see the full glory of the back of their gowns!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty Maids!

We have a new line of bridemaids dresses - Pretty Maids by House of Wu. These are cute and stylish dresses for very reasonable prices. They start at $110 and range from short to long.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Something Old, Something New...

...something borrowed, something blue. Most brides insist on carrying out this good luck saying for their wedding. I know with my wedding, my something old was a handkerchief from my late grandmother, my something new was my dress, something borrowed were my mother's pearls, and something blue was my garter. Pretty standard fare for fulfilling this saying that can be a bit superstitious...if a bride has all four on her wedding day, it's sure to be a happy marriage! Hey, it can't hurt!

Something Old symbolizes continuity with the bride's family and the past. It's probably the most difficult part of this saying...most brides want something old from their family or heritage. Ask family members to help you find something meaningful to you. Wear your mother's wedding dress or a vintage dress or use a piece of it as antique lace on your headpiece or in the bouquets. Use heirloom rings for your wedding rings.

Something New means optimism and hope for the bride's new life ahead and creating a new union with her husband. This one is easy! And of course, we can help you out with this one at TJ Formal. Shoes are a great choice for something new, as is Jewelry. A new perfume or makeup purchased especially just for the wedding would also qualify.

Something Borrowed is usually an item from a happily married friend or family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride. The borrowed item also reminds the bride that she can depend on her friends and family. The easiest thing to do is to ask a dear friend, especially if she is your bridesmaid! The item must be returned after the wedding, or it wouldn't be "borrowed." A significant piece of jewelry from a friend/family member, such as a necklace she always wears, or handbag used at her own wedding would be ideal.

Something Blue - blue has been connected to weddings and love for centuries. It symbolizes love, modesty, and fertility. This might be a little more difficult if your color scheme doesn't have blue in it. There is always the tried and true garter since that doesn't show. But you could also tuck in something blue - like a charm or hanky - into your bouquet. How about having one secret blue flower hidden in there? Or a blue jewel attached to your headpiece?

And did you know this saying has a 5th line?
 "And a silver sixpence in her shoe." 
This represents wealth and financial security. My dad stuck a shiny penny in my shoe right before the wedding. (Hey, no laughing at the 20 year old wedding dress - back then we wore SLEEVES.)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Links!

We have so much information on our website and we want you to be an informed customer! Here's some quick links to some of our web pages that you may have missed...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sherri Hill - new styles!

Just up at - NEW Sherri Hill styles! Plus new colors in some of the best selling dresses of Prom 2010!

Sherri Hill Dress 1002 now in new colors! This brown is perfect for fall dances!

An early favorite of mine...Sherri Hill 2010 Homecoming Dress 3706

Oh yeah, the short version...Sherri Hill 2010 Homecoming Dress 2272

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

60 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Green Wedding

"Going green" is all the rage nowdays. Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment. Check out these tips to guide your wedding into a more "green" event!

• Choose a diamond mined in a peaceful country such as Australia or Canada.
• Ask your jeweler about a "conflict-free" diamond.
• Consider wearing a synthetic diamond.
• Vintage diamonds that are a family keepsake or purchased from an antique store can be worn in the original mounting or reset in a new mounting made from old gold melted down.

Wedding Attire:
• If wearing a new wedding gown is your choice, consider donating it to a charitable organization for sale or auction.
• Choose a dress that you can wear for other events.
• Ask your bridesmaids to donate their gowns if they don't plan to wear them again to a prom dress program for prom girls who are unable to purchase a gown on their own.
• Check with family members or stores for antique accessories such as jewelry or handbags.

• Use recycled or handmade papers that contain no chlorine.
• Invitations can be printed with vegetable or soy-based ink.
• Organic cotton, hemp, banana stalks or bamboo can be used.
• Choose a printer who uses high percentage recycled paper.
• Save paper by using postcards instead of invitations or save-the-date.
• Use websites or blogs to communicate parties, showers, gift registry and rehearsal dinners.

• Save paper and chemicals for developing by asking the photographer to use digital camera for proofs and photos.
• Ask guests to share their digital photos online.
• Set up a Picasa, Shutterfly, Flickr or similar online website for your wedding photos.
• Post your photos on your Facebook so family and friends can see them.

• Select a local florist who uses locally grown, in-season flowers.
• Make your own bouquets or flower arrangement from fresh garden flowers.
• Have your bridesmaids carry silk flowers or a small decorative handbag.
• Use the ceremony flowers at the reception as well.
• Flowers girls can drop organic rose petals carried in natural baskets.
• After the wedding, take the flowers to a hospital or nursing home.

• Ask guests to make donations to your favorite charity.
• Register at websites who will donate a portion of sales to charity.
• Choose to register at stores that sell products that are local, fair-trade, handmade, organic.
• Ask for gift certificates, organic items for your home, subscriptions to green newsletters or magazines or organic gardening plants and supplies.
• Register for a green honeymoon.

• Have the ceremony outdoors to save on decorations.
• Choose a local setting close to where most guests live to limit travel.
• Have the reception in the same location as the wedding ceremony.
• Create a wedding to compliment your beliefs by having your ceremony/reception in a vineyard, green hotel, garden or organic restaurant.
• Ride in a horse-drawn carriage to your ceremony or reception.

• Choose your menu with locally grown, organic and seasonal foods in mind.
• Drinks can include organic wine or beer and free-trade coffee and tea.
• Ask your caterer about vegetarian foods and cruelty-free meats and wild fish.
• Decorate your cake with fresh local flowers or a family heirloom cake topper.
• Use real dishes, glassware and linens instead of paper goods.
• Donate leftovers to a homeless shelter or battered women's shelter.

• Give something organic such as small trees, bulbs, packets of seeds, plants or seedlings.
• Select items from local health food stores such as organic chocolate, natural soaps, dried organic herbs, tea or coffee in reusable cloth bags or glass containers.
• Bottles of organic wine.
• Anything made of recycled materials such as paper or glass.
• Place cards can be made of dried leaves, seed packets, old postcards, small pieces of recycled metal or antique store finds.

• Select soy or beeswax candles.
• For containers use twig baskets, recycled metal, recycled glass or bamboo.
• Fill containers with apples, oranges, sea shells, pretty rocks and candles.
• Decorate with branches, live plants, berries, grains such as wheat, dried grasses and flowers.
• Scour antique shops for old objects, dishes or bowls that can be used as centerpieces or other decorations.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:
• Go on a camping, fishing trip, hike or bikeride.
• Enjoy the water with boating, surfing, sailing or kayaking.
• Travel by train or take other public transportation.
• Have an organic wine-tasting party.
• Treat your attendants to organic spa treatments.
• Have your party locally to reduce travel stress before the wedding.

• Take a train trip.
• At your destination use the public transportation, rent bikes or walk.
• Go camping, stay in bed and breakfasts, inns, lodges or green hotels.
• Pick a local destination.
• Choose ecotourism.

Every aspect of your wedding and honeymoon doesn't have to be "green" to have an impact. Choose the items that are most important to you and not only will you have a beautiful wedding, you'll feel good about it too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color Schemes - Fuchsia and Yellow

Probably one of the first things a bride decides on is a color scheme for her wedding. Some are very particular and choose their favorite colors. Others (like me) use something practical to make the decision - I found inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in pink that were in stock in all the sizes I needed. Pink and Black it was!

I recently have spent some time helping a bride find dresses for her bridesmaids. Her colors are Fuchsia and Yellow for a beach wedding. Not your typical wedding color scheme, but how unique and fun! And to make things a little complicated, one bridesmaid would be 6 months pregnant at wedding time. The bride preferred a print dress, but was also willing to look at other options. While we do have a maternity bridesmaid department, I found a couple that would work with her color scheme and with her pregnant bridesmaid.

A few accessories that would be perfect for a beach wedding and this color scheme!

If you need help finding the perfect color scheme, or dresses and accessories in your chosen scheme, just let us know - we'd be happy to help!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miranda Lambert in Jovani!

Miranda Lambert was seen wearing Jovani 2010 Dress 14623 in Black at the afterparty of the American Country Music awards hosted by Sony Corporation. Who knew Matthew McConaughey was a country fan?

Here's the dress in Pink and Red!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


An outfit is not complete without shoes, jewelry, and the perfect handbag! We have a wide variety of handbags that are not bulky, but just the right size to hold all your essentials. 

Wristlets are small purses with a strap that just fits around your wrist. This frees up your hands and you can take these out on the dance floor without worrying about dropping it. Want your choice of color to match your outfit?

These cute ones by Colorful Creations are perfect! 

Or maybe something a little fancier? Forland Handbag 8005 is a lacy black wristlet that has a metal ring to put on your wrist, just like a bracelet.

A Clutch is a purse you hold in your hand. It doesn't have a strap and usually has a clasp or foldover closure.These are usualy very elegant and sophisticated. The Carlo Fellini "Sofia" Bag is a beautiful, heavily beaded bag that comes in a variety of colors and has a top clasp.

Touch Ups Handbag "Peggy" B811 is a more sleek look with a foldover closure.

And shoulder bags keep both hands free and are a convenient, yet stylish way to carry everything you need for night out! Colorful Creations Handbag DP9623 comes in several colors!

Handbags are the finishing touch to your outfit so be sure to stop by our Accessories department on your way to check out to grab the perfect one for you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evenings by Allure

Stunning and sophisticated dresses can be found in our Evenings by Allure department. These dresses are sexy and glamorous and perfect for a night out on the town, or that special dinner or dance.

Friday, June 18, 2010

For Local Brides: Wedding Gown Clearance sale June 17th-21st

FOR LOCAL BRIDES: Visit our store in Joplin, Missouri for a Clearance sale June 17th-21st. We need to make room for our new fall wedding gowns that are now arriving.You'll save 10-50% on a select group of wedding gowns in one-of-a-kind styles. Each day the savings will be greater but your choice of gowns is more limited the longer you wait to buy.

Discounts are:

Friday, June 18: 20% off regular retail prices

Saturday, June 19: 30% off regular retail prices

Sunday, June 20: 40% off regular retail prices

Monday, June 21: 50% off regular retail prices

Hurry in today for best selection! You'll find wedding gowns in sizes 2-32 at fantastic savings! Store Hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 1-4pm. Call us, at 1-877-769-1336, or come in for more details!

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dresses - new for 2010!

Bari Jay has gorgeous bridesmaid dresses taking us all the way from spring into fall. Flowing chiffon, and sassy satin, there is a dress for ever style of bridesmaid! They are one of our most affordable bridesmaid dress lines, with an everyday discount of 20%!! Plus, these dresses work perfectly for prom, homecoming, or any special occasion. Order early to get yours in time for your event!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

BLACK by Blush!!

Blush has some very exciting news! The have added a new line called BLACK. These dresses are targeting women 18 and up who attend all types of semi-formal and formal functions. The dresses are short; some are more glitzy, some are very simple. The color range is mostly black, red, and white.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Why is my dress a different color from what I saw on your site?

Q:  Why is my dress a different color from what I saw on your site?

A common statement you may see on sites around the internet: "Colors may vary from what you see on the screen." (or something similar), is also true for Each person's computer monitor is calibrated differently. As a result, colors look different to different people. And while this doesn't happen too often to the degree of difference that it really matters, it does happen sometimes. About the only colors that don't have much trouble are black and white. And a red dress isn't going to show up as green or blue - that is not the kind of varying that is meant. But a red dress might show up as darker or lighter, or a slightly different shade, than it is when you get it.

For example, what looks like this on your computer screen:

Could in reality look like this when you get it:

Really, not a lot of difference, but what you thought was turquoise, turned out to be more of a teal to you. Hopefully that slight color change does not matter too much - it's still a beautiful dress!

When we see a dress here at TJ Formal, and realize the photo of it is not quite accurate, we make color adjustments to the photo to match it as closely as possible. However, that is a match on the computer screen where we did the adjustments. It won't be a match on every single computer screen.

If a manufacturer calls a color something that we think might be a little different when we see it in person, we will note it on the dress product, such as here: Sherri Hill 2010 Prom Dress 7201 Turquoise However, this rarely happens.

Most of the time, turquoise is turquoise and teal is teal and fuchsia is fuchsia, etc, etc. But if you are worried about the color, you can always call - 877-769-1336, email, or initiate a live chat with us and we'll help you out as best as we can to describe the color as we know it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daymor Couture for mothers!

New Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses are now up for Daymor Couture. Gorgeous dresses for the very special event. Imagine wearing one of these dresses when your son, daughter, grandchild, etc. is getting married. You will be beautiful!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Nothing feels better than buying a new pair of shoes. New shoes can make any outift look brand new! And with all the amazing styles and colors of the Dikusa shoes, you are sure to find exactly the right pair to make your outfit unbeatable!








Sunday, June 13, 2010

Short & Cocktail Dresses by Val Stefani

The new line of short dresses and cocktail dresses by Val Stefani is now showing at! Perfect for that special evening out, these dress are fun and sophisticated. They have the latest in details - bubble skirts, beading, bows, and ruffles.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ask TJFormal: How are dresses packaged for shipping?

Q: How are dresses packaged for shipping?

We ship out dresses the same way they come into us from the manufacturer - in the smallest package possible. This keeps our shipping costs down, which in turn, keeps your costs down by enabling us to offer free shipping.

Because dresses are compacted as much as possible, they will arrive wrinkled. Just plan to take some time to get those wrinkles out before your event. There are a few ways to help relieve those wrinkles and get you into that dress. You can steam it yourself with a handheld steamer or have it professionally steamed. Or just putting it in the bathroom while taking a hot shower helps get them out. You can also buy a bottle of spray wrinkle release - this works great and won't damage the fabric. You might even find it at a dollar store!

Want to know how to care for your specific fabric? Check out our Fashion Glossary on Fabrics!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Blush dresses!!

The brand new Blush line is up!! Lots of seriously fabulous short dresses for summer and fall, and even some gorgeous long dresses too! Just a tease of these must-have dresses...

Can you find the dress in the video that goes to the peek?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings have become very popular. They are usually less expensive and at the same time, friends and family can enjoy a vacation!  Wedding dresses for a destination wedding are quite varied. While some brides still go with the traditional white/ivory dress in a less formal style, other brides opt to go with a dress that matches their destination. This opens up the possibilities to almost anything!

We have many options for the perfect dress for a destination wedding.

Mori Lee Voyage Wedding Dress 6205 is a gorgeous chiffon dress with beading at a great price!

A destination wedding dress does not have to be an actual "wedding" dress - you can use a short dress, prom dress, anything that is in the color and style that matches your wedding!

Alyce Designs 2010 Prom Dress 8811 is a prom dress that can easily work for a wedding dress. Simple, yet beautiful!

And this Sherri Hill Short Dress 1043 would make an excellent choice for a bride looking for something short and sexy for her wedding dress.

Some quick tips to get you started planning a destination wedding:
1. Consider the distance and accessibility of your dream destination. It will be difficult for your friends and family to attend your wedding if the location you choose is excessively far away or difficult to get to, or too expensive.

2. Send out "Save the Date" cards as far in advance as possible to give your guests plenty of time to plan.

3. Hire a local wedding planner. Having someone in the destination who knows where to find the best vendors and resources will save you countless time and energy.

4. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local marriage laws. Requirements for obtaining a marriage license can vary greatly.

5. If at all possible, make at least one pre-visit to the destination so there are no surprises when you arrive for the big event.

If you need assistance finding that perfect dress for your dream destination, be sure to let us know via chat, email, or phone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New for Spring - Sophia Tolli Wedding Gowns

The new spring Sophia Tolli Wedding Gowns are, in a word "stunning!" Formal gowns to fit any type of wedding, there is a wedding dress for every bride in this collection. A couple of favorites:

Sophia Tolli Wedding Dress Augustine Y11035 An awe inspiring chiffon A-Line gown, Augustine will take your breath away. Hand-beaded jeweled details frame the plunging halter neckline, and a decadently hand-draped bodice shows off all the right curves. The back features jeweled straps that flow into the bodice and a functional corset back and a chapel length train completes this elegant gown.

Sophia Tolli Wedding Dress Madigan Y11023 Madigan combines classic styling with unique finishes. This majestic ballgown in sumptuous satin offers a strapless sweetheart neckline with hand-beaded brooches and a belt that adds a dash of glamour. Swarovski crystals on the dropped curved waist and grand skirt give this gown a look that is nothing less than show stopping.

And for more views of more dresses...

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Colors in Blush!

This Blush 2010 Prom/Homecoming Dress 9083 has been a hot-hot-hot seller for us this year!! It first came in just Olive, but now it comes in multiple colors just in time for summer events and fall dances!


Wild Rose

Ivory (this would make a stunning short wedding dress!)


Plus, not shown: Crimson, Raspberry, Lilac (see a happy customer in this color!), Grape, and Camel. And we have several colors in stock now!