Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have you tried our new Live Chat?

Recently we launched a brand new version of our Live Chat feature. You can still find it on every page in the top right corner. Use Live Chat to get quick answers to your questions and check availability!

We are getting great feedback!!:

"this is the most amazing website ever, this is the best invention i have ever seen! thank you for all of your help!" (elana)

"I hope to get my delivery on time so every time I will order from your website." (Manar)

"I like the live chat because it is quick. its always good to have the answer right away!" (Blair)

"was pretty reasonably polite over the computer!!! She was very helpful and assited me with what I needed!!! Thank you!!!!!" (Dawn)

"Operator was extremely helpful." (Rhonda)

"best service i could imagine" (Sharon)

"Great. Best service ever. Sold!" (Carin)

So next time you need a question answered quickly, give Live Chat a try!

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  1. This is great, live chats are so helpful!