Monday, March 22, 2010

Body Styles Part 1 - Rectangles

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This week we are going to discuss body styles and what looks good on each one. Also, what looks...not so good. Finding your perfect dress means not only finding a style you like, but also a style that looks good on your body style and fits you well.

Any terms you don't understand can be found in our Fashion Glossary.

Today we'll talk about the Rectangle body style. This body style means your waist is a little larger and more inline with your bust and hips. If you are finding as you check size charts on dresses that your waist measurement (always be sure to measure correctly!) is consistently putting you in a larger size, then this could be your body style. There are lots of great styles that would look great on you!! Choose an option from each of the attributes below, for example a dress with a halter neckline, empire waist, and ballgown skirt.

The best styles for a Rectangle body style:

Necklines (with Spaghetti Straps or Strapless):

Waistlines (with Mid to Low backs):

  Ball Gown

Sherri Hill 2010 Prom Dress 1043 has a sweetheart strapless neckline, empire waist, and ballgown skirt, in short version. This would be perfect for a Rectangle body type.

CirĂ© by Landa 2010 Prom Dress P109 has a halter, v-neckline with empire waistline and low back, and a circle skirt - again a perfect style for a Rectangle body style.

Styles you want to stay away from for a Rectangle body style are Scoop or Round necklines and Mermaid, A-line and Trumpet skirts.

Stay tuned this week for more body styles!