Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Should I dress for the prom theme?

Most proms have themes, but you certainly don't have to dress the theme if you'd rather not. Some are generic like "Enchanted Evening" or "A Night to Remember" and so any prom dress fits. But others are more thematic like Underwater/Sea or Masquerade so we have some suggestions for prom dresses.

For an underwater/sea/ocean theme, aqua, light blue, or turquoise are a good match for colors.
TJ Formal Exclusive 2010 Prom Dress 6508

Mori Lee 2010 Prom Dress 8425

Or try a mermaid skirt to really fit the underwater theme!
Terani 2010 Prom Dress 95227P

Jovani 2010 Prom Dress 151669

Jovani 2010 Prom Dress 153522

Great Masquerade dresses can be purple, black and white.
Tiffany Designs 2010 Prom Dress 16501

Can't you just see this outfit with a black mask? Studio 17 2010 Prom Dress 12141

And this dress would work beautifully with a feathered mask!
Panoply 2010 Prom Dress 14301

Don't forget the gloves!
Stretch Satin Over-the-Elbow Gloves 6011

What is your prom theme? Need some help finding a dress? Just leave us a comment and we will be happy to assist you!


  1. ohhh, fun ideas! I really like the masquerade styles!

  2. My prom is coming up in about 1 month and some days; i need the perfect dress; our theme is Masquerade and i don't have an idea what kind of dress should i get. I am short and i was thinking i should get a short dress; because long dresses will just make me look shorter and it will be difficult to dance in.

  3. my prom theme is night in paris.i have no idea wat to wear since tis is my 1st prom.can u gv me some idea really need it..thnx=)

  4. @Baybeeboo:

    For a Night in Paris theme, just about any dress would work. I would choose a long dress in a rich color (no pastels) like black, purple, dark teal or green, red would be perfect.

  5. thnx alot u save ma life..hihi^^

  6. my prom night is on finding the perfect dress for mask masquerade theme...where can i get it around kuala lumpur

  7. well its not a prom it is a formal, the theme is masquerade. i need ideas!

  8. i love all the dresses on this site they're sooo cute!