Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Here’s a picture of a dress I saved – do you have it?

Q: Here’s a picture of a dress I saved – do you have it?

Many times a customer will send us a picture of a dress they have saved either off our site, or a different site and ask us if we have it. We have thousands of dresses on our site and unless it’s a very popular dress, we may not recognize it or be able to find it on our site. We usually ask around the store to see if anyone else recognizes it, and sometimes that works, but not always.
If you want to save a dress on our site to see later, our recommendation is to create a Wish List and add it to that.

If you do save the picture, be sure to also save the manufacturer and style number because we need that (plus your size, color choice, and wear date) to check availability.

If you are saving a photo from another site, please also remember to write down all the information if you want us to check on it. It’s much easier for us to find a dress with the information than with just a picture of it.

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