Friday, March 19, 2010

Ask TJ Formal: How can I make my feet more comfortable in prom shoes?

Q: Prom shoes and strappy sandals hurt my feet, is there any way to make them more comfortable?

Trendy shoes styles now have heels up to 4 inches high, featuring multiple straps and platforms. Those can be very painful to wear if you are used to flip-flops, flats, and tennies. We've got some ideas for you to make those sexy shoes more comfortable and easy to wear.

Be sure to buy your shoes well in advance of prom or your special event. A few weeks before is not too early. It sometimes takes hours to break in a pair of shoes to make them tolerable, if not comfortable. So walk around in your shoes every day, increasing the time each day, until you are able to wear them comfortably the same amount of hours as the event.

To help that process, TJ Formal has a line of products called Foot Petals"For those of us who have a love/hate relationship with our sexy shoes". 

Do you have flat feet? Foot Petals Amazing Arches are perfect to reduce the fatigue on your feet. Foot Petals Killer Kushionz is the first full insole that can be worn with open toe shoes. They come in several colors and even Lavender-scented!

Worried about slipping and falling (how mortifiying!) in those new shoes? Foot Petals Sole Stopperz are a MUST-HAVE to void those embarassing moments.

Do your shoes have multiple straps that are cutting into your feet and ankles? Foot Petals Strappy Strips cushion those straps to keep them nice and comfy. No more red marks!

Check out the other helpful shoe accesories to help ease that shoe fit at Foot Petals.

Once you get your shoes just right, you can walk with confidence and dance the night away! But just to play it safe, you might want to tuck a few blister bandages into your handbag. ;)


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