Friday, December 31, 2010

Finding the perfect nude-colored formal dress

"When searching for an effortlessly sexy formal dress, there is one color that stands out above all others - nude! This neutral tone evokes the idea of bare skin, and is less obvious than red silk or black lace. However, selecting a shade can be tricky, as it's easy to end up looking washed out in a nude-colored gown.

According to, the key to finding the perfect hue is picking a color that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin with warm undertones, for example, a shade that has a slight blush-tint to it is ideal.

Ladies with an olive complexion should opt for a deeper nude, while women with dark skin can wear a gown more akin to cocoa. Remember - the point is to look as if the garment can melt into your skin and practically disappear!

However, since the color can easily fade into your complexion, it's important to select a nude-colored formal dress with subtle embellishments, such as a lacy pattern, ruching, ruffles and pleats. These small adornments will keep the monochromatic piece from appearing boring.

Keep the look cohesive by rocking neutral-hued stilettos as well. If you want to add a pop of color, wear bold pink lipstick or vibrant red nail polish, which won't interfere with your streamlined appearance."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taylor Swift shows off a sleek and sexy dress (and hairdo!) at the American Music Awards

"Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? The gorgeous 20-year-old is not only talented and effortlessly adorable, she often comes across as sweet as apple pie. As it turns out, girlfriend also knows how to kill it at her red carpet appearances.

Swift recently stepped out in front of scores of onlookers at the American Music Awards, leaving the crowd to quietly lift their jaws off of the floor. The Grammy Award-winner wore a skimpy (but classy) semi-formal dress that that allowed her to highlight her luscious legs and surprisingly ample bosom.

Swift's dress was nifty for a number of reasons. For starters, the creation had oodles of sparkling gemstones on it, helping the young woman shine. And while it barely covered her bum, her semi-formal dress featured two thick straps that gave it a smidgen of elegance.

Taylor also surprised the masses by nixing her usual hair tease and in exchange for a sleek, flat-ironed coif. This is one appearance that will be etched in our minds for quite some time."

Dresses with sequins and jewels are in abundance for Prom 2011!

Jovani 2011 Prom Dress 159704

 Terani Cocktail Dress 35113C

 Jovani 2011 Prom Dress 71409

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stylish celebs have surprising role models

When shopping for formal dresses, women around the world are often inspired by glamorous celebrities, but we often forget that these stars have style role models of their own. However, the people that some leading ladies look up to are quite surprising.

Alexa Chung, model and MTV personality, often makes headlines for her chic-but-unique fashion sense, which revolves around finding garments that flatter her figure.

"I'm dressing for my body. So it's very flattering that other people might want to borrow my style, but really it's just making the most of what personally suits me, which is that I've got a long skinny leg and no boobs. So I dress to accommodate that," she told The New York Times.

But when she needs a bit of inspiration, the 26-year-old model doesn't seek out photos of the beautiful actresses.

"All of my beauty icons are men," she told the publication. "It's all about effortlessness. It's all about looking underdone."

Another fashion-forward celebrity with an unconventional role model? Lady Gaga. According to her website, the pop star lists Peggy Bundy, the leopard-print loving, bouffant-wearing housewife on the TV series Married... with Children, as one of her fashion icons.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The perfect semi-formal dress for a big date

"Few decisions cause as much anxiety as selecting an outfit to wear on first date. After all, we all know how important first impressions are, so it's normal to want to dress to impress. But what time of ensemble is best?

"Your look should have a bit of whimsy. Dates are about having fun, breaking free and being sexy," designer Rebecca Taylor told More magazine.

A short, bright semi-formal dress that boasts an interesting silhouette may be the perfect solution. "The color pops, [a] one-shoulder neckline is eye catching and modern, and the slightly shorter hemline amps up the sex-appeal," Taylor told the publication.

And now that temperatures are dropping, you may want to add a few layers before heading out the door. Taylor suggests wearing a light jacket with no lining (it will look less bulky) and a textured scarf.

"The knit [scarf] softens the entire look. It's something you can add to any outfit," she added.

Women who want a great semi-formal dress for an upcoming first date should start looking online as soon as possible - processing and shipping times can vary, so shop early to ensure your item arrives on time!"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stars shop online? They are just like us!

"Finding time to go shopping can be tricky - between hours at the office, important appointments and various social engagements, there's barely time to eat, so what's a girl-on-the-go who needs a great semi-formal dress to do? Take advice from some equally busy women and head online to purchase your piece.

According to Stephen Moyer, his wife Anna Paquin can't get enough of online shopping.

"If I wake up in the middle of the night, and I'll kind of feel the light and I'll open my eyes and it'll just be the glow of the computer - she's even shopping in her sleep!" he told People magazine.

Additionally, Carey Mulligan logs on to the internet when she needs a few new garments as well.

"It's just stuff that I wear," the young actress told the news source about her online purchases. "There are two things that I have - I have nights like tonight where I wear very high heels, and nice dresses, and then my normal life where I'm pretty casual."

So instead of wasting time waiting in line at the mall, follow Paquin's and Mulligan's leads and shop online - you'll be able to easily peruse a large amount of semi-formal dresses and check out will be a breeze."

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shopping advice from InStyle magazine

While many women enjoy searching for clothes and accessories, some gals get overwhelmed by the idea of putting outfits together. Luckily, the ladies at InStyle magazine recently shared some insight regarding the wonderful world of shopping.

"I don't buy super-trendy things. I look for garments I can wear for several seasons," market director Erin Sumwalt told the publication. "If I purchase a print, it's never one that's recognizable as being from a...specific season. Instead, I pick subtle patterns."

Of course, that doesn't mean that pieces should be plain. Market editor Dana Avidan recommends selecting items that contain a little something extra.

"[I look] for little details - embellished pockets, not plain - print shoes, not solid," Avidan told the publication. "We're getting into the holidays, and it's nice to have things that feel special."

But ladies who are about to put on a formal dress may want to step into a different garment first.

"I always put on a slip if I'm in a dress or skirt," Sumwalt added. "Having something luxurious next to your skin just feels good."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jennifer Hudson shows off her bangin' new bod in a scarlet red dress

"Jennifer Hudson has been honest about her attempt to shed some pounds - the Academy Award winner has been the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers for a while now - but it was only when she stepped out on the red carpet that her fantastic new figure was fully on display. And, it's safe to say girlfriend left onlookers with their jaw firmly planted on the floor.

Hudson stepped out in a gorgeous red semi-formal dress that highlighted her slim new bod and left her with a gorgeous, confident glow. The beautiful woman complemented her ensemble with lovely black tights and a gorgeous pair of sleek black pumps, while the cherry on top was her red and silver cocktail ring - a touch just perfect enough to give her get-up some oomph.

Hudson reminded ladies out there that there are two particular colors that will never fail to impress a crowd - red and black. Consider these hues for prom and be the center of attention evening long."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love your little black dress, but tread carefully

"We've said it before and we'll say it again - if there's one go-to item you're going to need in your wardrobe, it's a little black dress. This piece can be used for affairs of all occasions and events both big and small.

Still, as points out, women shouldn't be afraid to test some fashion boundaries when selecting their staple black creation.

"Little Black Dresses should never be a cop-out. Instead, you should consider the blackness an important asset - with LBDs, you can experiment with unconventional cuts, textures and shapes that you normally might be too chicken to try out," the news source reports.

Women currently searching for a black semi-formal dress that they'll keep at the forefront of their closets should remember to choose pieces that are both unforgettable and daring. A piece with scores of sequins or even a dress that features a sexy cutout are both great options.

Remember - don't hesitate to search far and wide for the dress of your dreams. If you learn how to choose the right item, you'll never get tired of giving your LBD some serious TLC."

TJ Formal has a huge selection of LBDs!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sherri Hill dress worn by Miranda Lambert...

....and TJ Formal has it! Check out this great rocker dress worn by Miranda Lambert - fabulous for any event!

Sherri Hill 2011 Prom Dress 2438


Monday, December 20, 2010

Sherri Hill Prom 2011 - find it here!

The long awaited Sherri Hill collection for Prom 2011 is now at TJ Formal! The styles are going to blow you away - gorgeous and sexy, sequins and silky, short, long, and in-between. A Sherri Hill dress is waiting for you...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to keep warm on your wedding day

"With winter upon us, many gals who are getting ready to walk down the aisle in a sleeveless wedding dress may be concerned with staying warm during the cold weather. Even if the celebration is taking place primarily inside, you won't want to throw on a parka as you travel from the ceremony to the reception.

Luckily, there are a few great options for brides-to-be who want to keep warm and stay stylish.

According to Brides magazine, faux-mink vests are all the rage in the fashion world. A furry white piece is a luxe and elegant way to protect against a chilly breeze. To look extra posh, cinch the waist with a thin jeweled belt.

A wrap is another great way to fight the freeze. If the piece matches the color of your wedding dress, make sure it also boasts embellishments such as sequins, beading or embroidery to give it a bit of added flair. You can also choose a wrap in a completely different hue, such as a shade from your wedding decor or the color of the blossoms in your bouquet.

Finally, nothing will look as sweet as your husband-to-be's tuxedo jacket swung over your shoulders - and we're sure he won't mind helping his blushing bride stay warm."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart talks about Bella's wedding dress

"While a plethora of wedding dresses have made headlines recently, from Crystal Bowersox's organic, beaded number to Katy Petty's Indian attire, there is one gown in particular that women across the country are buzzing about - Bella Swan's ensemble!

Breaking Dawn, the latest installment in the Twilight saga, is set to begin filming soon, and will feature Bella and Edward's much-anticipated nuptials.

While she has yet to try on the wedding dress, Kristen Stewart, who portrays Bella, shared some of her own insight about the fantasy wedding with InStyle magazine.

'Bella would definitely want something classic and simple in white or cream,' she told the news source. Stewart also revealed that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer is completely in control of the gown's design.

However, we wonder if the dress' simplicity is meant to reflect Bella's underlying ambivalence toward the ceremony.

'She doesn't want to get married, but Edward has such different sensibilities and values, so she's going to give him everything [he wants],' Stewart told the publication. '...Usually it's the opposite, usually the girl wants it more. I think it's cute.'"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Have a question about or for TJ Formal?

Our Ask TJ Formal section has many, many great questions that have been answered in detail. Not only questions about dresses, but also questions about our store and our website.

We give advice about choosing the right dress for your body type and your coloring, alleviate your fears about ordering online with information about our company being in business for over 40 years, and remind you to SHOP EARLY to get your very favorite and first choice of prom dress. Plus much more!

If you still can't find an answer to your question, please Contact Us and ask! We'll get back to you and it may even end up being an official Ask TJ Formal blog post.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Select a silhouette that flatters your favorite feature

"When shopping for a semi-formal dress, women often consider color and fabric. However, you may also want to pay attention to the garment's silhouette, as the cut can help you accentuate your best feature.

Ladies who love their legs may think that showcasing them can be accomplished by selecting a short dress. However, they may also want to slip on some hosiery before heading out the door. According to InStyle magazine, sheer, opaque and textured tights can further emphasize your legs.

Voluptuous women looking to celebrate their figure should avoid unstructured pieces, which can hide their small curves. Instead, the news source recommends wearing a wrap dress - it calls attention to one's waist without being too tight, as the fabric elegantly flows away from the body.

While gals who want to show off their arms often opt for strapless numbers, these garments often accentuate their clavicles. A one-shoulder semi-formal dress or a sleeveless item with an elaborate neckline complement toned arms.

Whether you are searching for an outfit for a friend's wedding or a black-tie event, start shopping early to give yourself enough time to find the silhouette that suits you best."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look to Emma Roberts for prom dress inspiration

"Since the first day of school in September, many high school seniors across the country have already begun counting down the days until graduation. And for a plethora of gals, that means eagerly planning their prom night ensembles. And while there are still many months before the big event, it's never too early to start looking for a prom dress.

Teenagers who are having a bit of trouble figuring out where to start may want to turn their attention to Emma Roberts. The 19-year-old actress regularly attends Hollywood events looking flawless in a multitude of age-appropriate ensembles. At Spike TV's Scream Awards, Roberts wore a stunning one-shoulder dress that featured a black lace sleeve and a thigh-grazing hemline.

However, it seems that the starlet would have preferred rocking a gown that boasted a fuller skirt.

"I've been trying the long dresses lately, but I think I'm too short is what I've realized," Roberts told People Magazine at the awards show.

Petite prom queens can take a cute from Roberts and look for shorter prom dresses that won't overwhelm their small frame with layers of fabric. The best piece of advice? Start shopping early - the more time you have to browse, the better chance you have of locating your dream ensemble."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will there be a Sex and the City 3?

"If there's one thing that women around the world will remember from the Sex and the City franchise, it's the gorgeous duds that were shown off by the fabulous four main stars. Now, ladies may want to prepare themselves for another movie that will likely include scores of unforgettable semi-formal dresses.

As it turns out, Kristen Davis, best known for playing Charlotte York in the series, admits a third big screen adaptation is in the realm of possibility.

"I would love to do a third film," Davis told the UK's Metro. "We all want to do it, I guess it's just figuring out whether we can move the characters forward anymore."

While those who believe the franchise should be put to bed may be a little less than thrilled to hear this news, it's safe to say there are scores of women out there who are jumping for joy. In fact, Sex and the City was responsible for some of the most significant fads in fashion during the last decade, from the pinning of a gorgeous flower brooch on a semi-formal dress to the rebirth of the high-heeled shoe.

We wonder what gorgeous creations Ms. Bradshaw will be showing off in the near future?"

In the meantime, don't forget these Faviana Sex in the City inspired dresses:

Faviana 2011 Prom Dress 6240

Faviana 2011 Prom Dress 6700

Monday, December 13, 2010

Great ways to wear sequins

"There are few adornments more festive than sequins. These shiny discs instantly add flash and sparkle to any ensemble, but women may be unsure of how to best wear the fantastic embellishment. However, there are a few different approaches women can take when they want to wear sequins.

"Who needs puny paillettes when you can go totally oversize? Major sequins make a major statement," reports. "And they're not just for the red carpet - we promise you'll cause quite a fuss if you show up to your next cocktail party wearing [a semi-formal dress with large sequins]."

Ladies looking for a more subtle way to rock the embellishments can throw on a sequined cardigan or scarf. It will add a bit of shine without appearing over-the-top.

Finally, gals can incorporate sequins into their ensemble with their accessories. Shoes and handbags covered in sparkling paillettes will add flash to your ensemble. However, remember not to pair the pieces with a sequined semi-formal dress. Too many embellishments may create a glittering, overwhelming mess!"

Sequins are HUGE right now! For the holidays, for prom, for any special event. Most designers have a few in their collection and TJFormal has them!

Want a fully-sequined dress?

Sherri Hill 2270 comes in a big array of colors!

How about a dress with all colors?  Terani 2011 Prom Dress Y235

 Need some sleeves?  Jovani Homecoming Dress 27667 (also worn by Carrie Underwood)

Or maybe something more subtle...

Blush 2011 Prom Dress 9259

 Jovani 2011 Prom Dress 159221

And just a few more!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wear herringbone patterns and look fabulous this winter

"When thinking about patterns, one of the most overlooked is herringbone. The design is ideal for cold evenings and perfect for the late fall.

It looks as though several clothing gurus agree with this notion.

"It is such an easy pattern to wear - it isn't a stripe, it isn't a polka dot or a flower," clothing expert Simon Kneen told "It can work in a subtle, tasteful and stylish way that says 'I understand the better things in life.'"

Women currently looking for a casual semi-formal dress for an autumn event may want to think about showing off herringbone. The design makes for wonderful semi-formal dresses that can be worn to both daytime and evening affairs.

Also, ladies should remember that accessories, such as jackets, belts and hats, also can solidify the look.

"Complement any outfit with a herringbone article of clothing. It instantly adds polish and sophistication," Lindsay Albanese, celebrity wardrobe stylist and style expert, told the news outlet."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top wedding dress trends of the decade

"It goes without saying that brides-to-be spend much of their days sifting through the hottest wedding dress trends. Still, many of the sexiest styles have their roots in earlier parts of the decade.

In fact, recently pointed out some of the most in-vogue wedding dress fads of the past ten years. First up? Colored sashes, a trend that began in 2002 with a gown that featured a long and luxurious baby blue belt.

"The popularity of this look inspired brides to incorporate a bit of color into their gowns, and they embraced the endless possibilities of doing so - requests for blue (or pink or green) sashes came in from all directions" according to the news outlet.

Also, women can pinpoint the lace revival to eight years ago, when an haute couture designer reintroduced it to his collection.

"This dress helped brides realize that lace wasn't only for your grandmother's wedding dress," the news source reports.

Other trends mentioned were ruffles, pick-up skirts and the fit-and-flare look."

You'll find all of these trends and more, right here!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Select an LBD based on your age

"If there is one item that all women have in their closets, it's the little black dress. This timeless garment is suitable for a wide variety of occasions and is available in a limitless amount of styles. However, ladies may want to choose the silhouette of their LBD based on their age.

According to Harper's Bazaar, gals in their 20s look best in a sculptural shift while those in their 30s can rock black semi-formal dresses that feature lace and embellishments. Meanwhile, 40-year-old women should feel free to embrace sparkle and slip on a sequined garment.

Instead of concentrating on the piece's material, ladies in their 50s should pay attention to the length of the skirt. The publication reports that a dress that falls below the knee is ideal.

Finally, the magazine recommends that those in their 60s should "focus on silhouettes with feminine shapes," while women who are above 70 should "work in a number that's rich in texture."

Little black dresses are a staple of most gals' wardrobes. Look for a piece that's age-appropriate and you'll be prepared for any event that comes your way."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Study finds men are more attracted to arms

"When looking for a sexy semi-formal dress, women may often look for a number that boasts a high hemline or a low-cut neck. However, according to new research published in the Journal of Evolutionary biology, women may want to rock a different silhouette - strapless.

The Daily Mail reports that the study, which was conducted by experts at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, found that long, shapely arms are considered more attractive than endless legs.

"Attractive bodies have a suite of traits in the right combination," said professor Robert Brooks, who led the study. "The dimensions can tell observers if that person is suitable as a potential mate, a long term partner or perhaps the threat they pose as a sexual competitor."

Ladies looking for a semi-formal dress that will be especially alluring to the opposite sex may want to consider rocking a strapless piece, which can beautifully showcase a woman's arms and shoulders.

However, strapless numbers can be tricky to wear, especially for bustier gals. Before stepping out in the dress, invest in perfectly fitting shapewear that will help keep you comfortable throughout the day - and night!"

Want to go strapless, but need support? We have the perfect, gorgeous solution with our brand new Exposed Envy straps. Now you can choose any type of strap to complement your dress, attach it to your strapless bra and you've got beautiful support and no one knows!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Tiffany Designs for Prom 2011

Gorgeous new lines from House of Wu this year! First up is Tiffany Designs. Beautiful dresses in multiple colors that are perfect prom dresses.

The return of pairing the kitten heel with a semi-formal dress

"There's no denying it - if there's one thing a girl adores, it's her super high-inch heels. This fancy footwear can help a woman go from small to statuesque in an instant.

Still, strutting around in these pieces often requires giving up one important thing - comfort. Luckily, the experts at have offered women around the world another stylish and enticing way to look fabulous.

"Kitten heels are a great (pain-free) option. They're adorable. They're sexy. They can be worn with anything! We won't cry after wearing them for over eight hours," according to the news outlet.

Steeper than a ballet flat but not quite a stiletto, these shoes have the ability to make a woman feel sultry while gallivanting around town. The footwear can be paired with an elegant semi-formal dress for a casual evening out, or even matched with business-casual attire and shown off at work.

Of course, coming home without tears in one's eyes is always a bonus.

"We love being four to five inches taller in a stiletto. But at the end of the day, we sometimes cry from the pain," the news source reports."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to find the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress

"Mothers have a lot on their plate when their children are in the midst of wedding planning, and one cause of stress is often tracking down the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress. But with a few tips, finding an appropriate wedding gown doesn't have to be too difficult.

'The most important rule of thumb for mothers is to follow the couple's cues about the style and tone of their nuptials," Tulsa World reported. "Before purchasing an ensemble for the big day, talk with the bride and groom about their vision for the wedding.'

While white gowns are obviously off-limits, any other color is acceptable. However, moms may also want to wait until their daughter has selected her gown and the bridesmaid dresses, as the news source suggests that it can be useful to know what cuts and colors others will be wearing on the big day.

Additionally, the mother-of-the-bride dress shouldn't match the other dresses, but complement them. Women should select a color that flatters their skin tone but isn't too distracting.

'Your attire should never compete with or draw attention away from the person with the starring role in the production - the bride,' the new provider added."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back-baring dresses are gaining popularity

"It seems that there is a new look flooding the runways at Milan Fashion Week. According to, designers have been debuting a plethora of ensembles that boast backs with bold cutouts.

While this trend is poised to be hot in Spring 2011, that doesn't have to stop you from trying out this unexpectedly sexy silhouette now - in fact, one of Hollywood's most stylish starlets recently embraced this look.

At The Late Show with David Letterman, Gossip Girl Blake Lively looked stunning in a beautiful sequined semi-formal dress that featured a thigh-grazing hemline and long sleeves. But of course, that wasn't all. When Lively turned her back to the cameras, she revealed that the LBD boasted a back-baring cut that showed the perfect amount of skin.

The secret to rocking such a silhouette may be balance. When wearing a back-baring semi-formal dress, remember to tone down the sex-appeal but choose a number that also features a high neckline, longer sleeves or a more modest skirt length.

Ladies looking for an outfit with a back cutout for a specific event should start shopping early, as shipping and processing times can vary. A head start can help ensure that the dress arrives with plenty of time to spare before the big night out."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wear a push-up bra for more of a voluptuous look

"Many women look for sexy cocktail dresses that showcase a particular feature - her bosom. Still, not every girl out there is blessed with curvy assets.

Before you break out the arm exercises while chanting 'I must, I must, I must increase my bust!' try to remember that there's a wonderful creation out there for smaller-chested women - push-up bras. According to, these undergarments are perfect for women looking to attain more cleavage.

"Today's push-up and padded bras are pretty, comfortable, and undetectable under clothes. Some will even increase your breast size by two cup sizes!" according to the news outlet.

Girls aspiring to appear more voluptuous in their next formal dress may want to look at the scores of padded bras online. During the process, women should always remember to keep their chin up.

"While there are some women who embrace their small busts, others prefer to have a little more up top. You don't need to go the surgical route for a fuller bosom," the news source reports."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pale pink wedding dresses are all the rage

"It seems at though every little girl dreams about her ideal wedding dress - a white gown with a full skirt and layers of lace. As they mature, however, tastes can change. And while some women simply refine their style and opt for a more grown-up version of the white princess gown, other gals may develop a desire for something a bit more daring.

Brides-to-be who want a slightly unconventional gown that is still on trend should consider wearing a pale pink wedding dress, as reports that the hue will be big in fall 2011.

"Several designers showed variations of pink in their recent bridal collections, ranging from palest blush to a soft candy-ish pink mixed with white," the news outlet reports.

While the hue subtly goes against the grain, its inherent romance and softness make it a beautiful (and logical) option for a wedding dress. Gals will feel uber-feminine and super special as they walk down the aisle in the unexpected shade.

If you opt for a gown in a color other than white, remember to select it before choosing your bridesmaids dresses, as you don't want the different garments to clash with one another."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Emma Watson named best-dressed female celebrity

"The Harry Potter kids are all grown up! Although we first met the talented bunch when they were children, it seems as though each of the stars is leading a fulfilling, successful life.

In fact, Emma Watson, the 20-year-old beauty who is perhaps best known as Hermione Granger, just garnered a very prestigious accolade - Best Dressed Brit. Bestowed the award by Glamour UK, the young actress has obviously made quite the impression on the public.
Of course, this comes as no surprise to those who have followed her red carpet looks. In fact, it was just last year that the English rose stepped out at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in an adorable cocktail dress that featured a flowy white skirt - and a sexy, black leather bodice!

And in May, Watson showed up to the Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York in a striking white creation. Her one-shoulder formal dress also featured a sweetheart neckline and a super-sexy slit.

Watson is so young and already so skilled at choosing striking formal dresses. We can't wait to take note of her public appearances for years to come."

At the recent Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows premiere:

Love that feathered skirt?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blend somber and feminine moods with a few key pieces

"Winter can be a drab time of year, which means our clothing will eventually mimic our moods. Of course, a girl can look somber while still seeming stylish.

According to Lucky Magazine, blending these two ideals together can be quite easy. Women just have to look around for semi-formal dresses that feature a few important details.

To begin, ladies should consider purchasing dresses in silver or gold fabrics. "Metallic gives girly ruffles a cooler edge," the news source reports.

Girls who are headed to an important school dance may want to search for pieces made from these materials. Also, dark, brown shoes should be paired with the ensemble.

"Chocolate feels softer than basic black," according to an expert at the news outlet.

As with all styles, girls looking to make an impression at the next affair they attend should remember to search early. The early bird catches the worm (or the most fabulous dress)!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Try different bridesmaid dresses for each maid!

"Traditionally, brides pick out one gown for their bridesmaids, and the ladies walk down the aisle wearing the same number. However, gals preparing to exchange vows shouldn't feel forced to put their best friends in matching bridesmaid dresses, especially with the wealth of options available today.

While every bridesmaid doesn't have to be outfitted in the same gown, women planning a wedding should remember that the bridal party must remain cohesive.

"If every girl wears a different dress (one in green satin, one in blue chiffon, another in black taffeta) then it just looks like a big ol' mess, in my opinion," writes an analyst on "The solution? Pick at least one element you want your bridesmaids dresses to have in common, then mix things up."

According to the news source, there are several ways brides can avoid matching bridesmaid dresses without creating a bridal party full of contrast and confliction.

Women can select gowns of the same color that boast different silhouettes, or conversely, pick bridesmaid dresses in different hues that have the same cut.

Additionally, bridesmaids can also wear gowns that feature similar accents, such as sashes or floral prints in different colors."

TJ Formal has a vast collection of bridesmaid dresses. Choose styles from the same brand using the same color and fabric and your bridal party will look unique, but also match the theme of the wedding. Or use the same style in different colors and have a range of colors to work with for your theme.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A wedding dress with a simple bodice - avoid it if you can!

"Women who are about to enter marital bliss and aren't much of a flashy kind of girl may be looking at simple wedding dresses at the moment. However, ladies who prefer comfort over craziness may want to tread carefully.

As pointed out, choosing a wedding dress with a simple and plain bodice has its downside - when a bride is photographed from the waist-up at her affair, she might lose her bridal appearance.

"All that'll show is the top, and if it's too simple, you may look like you're wearing a basic tank or tube top in every shot," an analyst from the news source advised.

Girls who aren't into frilly and fancy designs may want to spruce up their look with some bold jewelry. Also, never underestimate the power of a headpiece.

"Looking special in wedding photos is important to every bride I've known, and trust this wedding gown consultant: You'll look almost like you do in everyday life if your gown's plain on top and there's no veil to speak of," the expert advised."

Still set on a simple bodice? Try these ideas to dress up those all-important bridal portraits.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New for Prom 2011 - Terani Prom!

Terani always has fabulous styles for each season and the new prom dresses for Prom 2011 are no exception!