Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Knowledge Center - Fashion Glossary

Have you seen our new Fashion, Style & Design Glossary? We are the only formal wear site to have such an extensive glossary of all terms related to fashion. With 40 years of experience at hand, our formal wear experts and our own designer, Rachelle Rose, have explained, defined, and shown you everything you need to know about any dress on our site!

Not sure if you know what is meant by "tulle" when you see this short and sassy Sherri Hill 1101 dress? Just go to the fashion glossary and click on Fabrics and you'll see a photo of tulle fabric, plus a definition, how to care for it, and much, much more.

Don't know what Paillettes are? Just go to the Embellishments section of the glossary, click on Paillettes and you will find out they are "Large sequins tacked at one point, hangs freely." And then you can see them on this Jovani 15928 dress!

With other sections to see such as Bodices, Sleeves, Waistlines, Skirts, and Backs, after browsing the glossary a few times, you too will be an expert on fashion, style & design!

You can always count on TJFormal.com to fulfill your every prom and formal event need!

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