Monday, July 28, 2014

Custom Pageant Gowns at Discounted Prices

If you've ever wanted a custom pageant gown, but the price has kept them out of your reach, now is your chance! As we say good-bye to our Charleston location, its pageant gowns are deeply discounted during the closing sale. 

Get 20%, 30%, and even 40% off glamorous gowns by Sherri Hill and, our in house designer, Rachelle Rose. Save $500 - $1300 off these dresses! Take a look at some of our favorites:

Available in Emerald Green size 6
Original Price: $3,300
NOW ON SALE: $2,300!

In stock in Periwinkle size 6
Original Price: $3,000
NOW ON SALE: $2,100!

In stock in White size 6
Original Price: $2,300
NOW ON SALE: $1,400!

Available in Burgundy size 8
Original Price: $2,600
NOW ON SALE: $1,700!

In stock in Purple (as shown) in size 8
Original Price: $3,800
NOW ON SALE: $2,500!

Come see them in person at our Charleston store at 520 Folly Rd, Suite 50 or call us at 843-795-8777 for more details. Hurry, because these beautiful gowns won't last long at these prices and they are truly one-of-a-kind!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Essential Elements of Rustic-Chic Wedding Gowns

When one thinks of a rustic-chic wedding, one imagines warm summer nights, a barn backlit by sunset and a cozy backyard ceremony. These idyllic scenes deserve the complement of the perfect wedding dress. When looking for a wedding gown to suit a rustic affair, a bride cannot go wrong with these key styles.

High neckline
Nothing says classic more than a wedding dress with a high neckline. The little bit of extra coverage can bring to mind the image of a royal wedding. No need to worry about looking too stuffy - many designers are featuring high necklines in creative ways, including sheen covers above traditional necklines, intricate lace and chic beading.

Rustic-chic weddings tend to keep the party out of doors until the early hours, and brides will be thankful to add a sleeve to their gowns. From cap sleeves to full sleeves, the options abound. Another way to get the sleeve look without buying a sleeved dress is to opt for a lace jacket. It creates the same effect as a sleeve, but offers more versatility. 


Vintage color
Gowns today are featured in a variety of colors, with some colors being applied to give the dress age and elegance. The right golden hue will make a bride appear as if she just danced out of a Fred Astaire film.

 Sophia Tolli Bridal 21431

Sophia Tolli Dress Y21140-Alcee

 Sophia Tolli Bridal Dress 21436

Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Win at Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding a wedding dress can be the most difficult part of wedding preparations. Brides know that choosing the right dress is crucial, because after the ceremony ends, the dress will live on forever in their wedding album. Before setting sail on the odyssey of wedding gown shopping, here are a few tips that will make the shopping go more smoothly:

 Mori Lee Bridal Dress 2616

Keep an open mind
 Some brides may already have their dream dress picked out. Looking through countless magazines, you have set your eyes and heart on the perfect gown. Keep in mind that though your dream dress may be ideal, it may not be ideal for you. Plan to start your shopping by trying on many different styles. This way, the right dress can find you.

Bring a solid crew
We have all heard the wedding dress shopping horror stories. More often than not, too many friends come along for the ride, and those friends have too many opinions. First, make sure you are the star of the group. Balance out the rest of your team by ensuring you have an equal amount of honest opinions and sensitive support.  

Allure Bridals Dress 8871

Trust yourself
You are the one wearing the dress. Only you can make the right decision. Don't let the stress of shopping consume you and go with your gut. 

 Allure Bridals Dress 8634

Monday, July 7, 2014

Friendly. Affordable. Makeup.

Once again, here at TJ, we have found more amazing girly products!  We are always searching for something better when it comes to make up.  So, we try to swap stories and try new things.  One of our girls started talking about e.l.f.  She raved about the products and how affordable they are.  So, I had to check out the brand!

I, myself, am very much into natural make-up and especially products that are cruelty free (not tested on animals).  So this was an incredible find!  Usually you have to pay so much more for a brand that cares, but e.l.f. has made it affordable!  I've gone from paying $25 for my mineral foundation to $8! 

 e.l.f. has really thought of everything when it comes to make-up products. You can get anything from tools to eyeshadow.  And if you are new to wearing make-up or want to gift something, you can try e.l.f. Kits. You can buy a predesigned Makeup Kit at


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

These aren't your Mom's Mother of the Bride Gowns

As you prepare to see your son or daughter finally get married, you're no doubt contemplating what on earth you're going to wear to the celebration. Mother of the bride gowns have traditionally been a little dowdy, but moms today are more stylish than ever before! 

Want to make a fashion statement without upstaging the bride? Here are a few tips for doing just that:

Say goodbye to boring colors ...
If you have your heart set on wearing a neutral tone, stick to champagne - it looks great in any season! However, you shouldn't be afraid to branch out and try other colors. Pastel blues and purples are a lovely choice for spring, while burgundy and navy are ideal for fall. Just make sure that whatever color you choose doesn't clash with the bridal party!

 Ivonne D by Mon Cheri Dress 114D37

 Ivonne D by Mon Cheri Dress 214D63

... and hello to little details!
There's no reason that your mother of the bride dress has to be utterly plain. Dress it up with unique details like lace sleeves, an elegant sheer cape or delicate beading. However, don't go crazy on the detailing - stick to one element, and if you must have a little something extra, choose a gown with an interesting neckline.

Ivonne D by Mon Cheri Dress 213D27

Cameron Blake Dress 211613

Montage by Mon Cheri Dress 113951

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Latest Beauty Products in a Pretty Little Package

Here at TJ Formal, we LOVE all things girly!  So we wanted to share with our readers our newest discovery!

GLOSSYBOX is an amazing new website that lets you try the latest beauty product trends.  As women, we are always looking for something better to enhance our beautiful faces.  But how do you know what to try?  We don't always have the time to research products and how can we afford to try them all?  

GLOSSYBOX is the perfect way to find your new favorite product!
It's only $21 for a Monthly Subscription and you receive 5 products and the cutest reusable box!

Can you tell we are excited?

And... What a great gift this would make!  For a Bride getting ready for her big day, the maid of honor could gift her the $60 for 3-Month Subscription and find the product to make her flawless on her big day.  Or, even a gift from the bride to her bridesmaids!

We received last month's GLOSSYBOX at TJ Formal and, well... we were all excited and, let's just say, we won't be sharing a box anymore!  We all wanted our own and decided to trade products if there was something one of us loved or did not love. 

We can't wait for next month's box!  It's just a little surprise to look forward to each month. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

3 tips for choosing your wedding dress undergarments

What you wear underneath your dress should not only be comfortable, it should blend effortlessly with the wedding gown that you've chosen. This will help you look and feel your best when you're walking down the aisle. Here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding dress undergarments for your big day:

Attend a professional fitting
Undergarments that don't quite fit won't be showing off your body type or your wedding dress. Getting a professional fitting helps you decide what size and shape of lingerie would be best for you and your outfit. The experts know how everything should fit - don't be afraid to ask questions.

Blend with your skin tone
You may love colorful lingerie, but this will stand out if you're wearing a white wedding dress down the aisle. Instead, choose undergarments that match your skin tone.

Bring undergarments to your dress fitting
When you're headed to your final wedding dress fitting, make sure to bring along the undergarments that you've chosen. What you wear under your gown may change the way the gown looks on you, so it's important to give everything a test run before your wedding day.

Here are a few of our favorite bridal slips and bras:

This full slip helps fill out full, ball gown skirts so you get the perfect shape. They can also help you avoid alterations (and save money) by getting the hem off of the floor.

These stick on silicone bra cups are easy to wear with any dress. Take away the struggle of straps completely! They work with strapless, off-the-shoulder, low back, sheer back, and low neckline dresses easily. This bra also adds some padding, can "push-up", and you can wear it again.

A body shaper is the perfect thing for mermaid or form-fitting dresses. Smooth out your waist, hide hip and leg bulges, and get avoid panty lines, all-in-one with this shaper by Spanx.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Style Trend: Colored Lace Dresses

Attention all lace-loving ladies! 

There's a new trend you'll want to keep in mind as you pick out formal dresses for the events you're attending this summer: Colored lace. Yes, this elegant material is getting an update, and you'll definitely want to give this modern take on a classic look a try.
 Here are three ways to wear this vibrant style.

1. All-Over Color
If you want to go all-out with this trend, you can't beat the look of all-over colored lace. Because this is such a bold choice, it's important that you choose a dress with a high neckline - you don't want too much going on!

2. Peek-A-Boo
For a more flirty take on colored lace, wear a gown that has cut-outs covered in the elegant material. This will create a peek-a-boo effect that's sure to make a lasting impression at any event you attend this summer.

Sherri Hill 21342

3. Layered Look
There are two ways to take on the layered look: Search for a gown that has a slip underneath a dress made of colored lace, or pair the lace with another type of fabric in the same bold color (think detachable chiffon skirt).

  La Femme 19746

La Femme 19713 

3 beautiful summer wedding gown trends

Searching through wedding gowns to find the perfect one is a much anticipated aspect of wedding planning. If you're searching for the ideal summer dress, you might want to consider buying an outfit with any of these trendy styles for warm-weather gowns:

Long sleeves
Just because the weather is warm doesn't mean that you can't rock a dress with sleeves. As long as you stick to a lace material, the sleeves will be breathable so you can stay cool on your big day. The intricate nature of the lace makes a beautiful statement as you make your grand entrance down the aisle.

Off the shoulder
Sophia Kokosalaki, a Greek fashion designer, just came out with her line of spring and summer dresses for 2014. The collection featured two off the shoulder gowns made of silk chiffon for a dreamy, delicate and feminine wedding look.

Open backs
You're going to awe people with the front of your gown, but what about the back? Brides are leaning toward dresses with stunningly detailed backs, whether it's a large keyhole or beautiful lace tied together with a bow. It exposes part of your back while still offering the perfect amount of coverage.